If we were Harry Potter

What would we do if we were Harry Potter? It’s hard to say. Only the thought of being in his shoes is heady enough! The wizardry and the witchcraft! Wow!
If we were Harry Potter, we would definitely cast a permanent spell on the Dursley family and, along with our friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, we would ride our Nimbus 2000 broomsticks and fly straight to Hogwarts School.
We would love to attend classes there. We would learn History of Magic with Professor Binns. We would learn how to take care of magical creatures with the help of Rubeus Hagrid; we could also learn how to make potions and to defend ourselves from dark arts. We would love Hogwarts! Of course, we would ask the Sorting Hat to send us to the Gryffindor House, the house of courage, determination and chivalry.
If we were Harry Potter, we would wear our invisible cloaks, we would wander through the unknown corridors and restricted areas of Hogwarts and we would certainly take part in a Quidditch game. In addition, we would like to meet ghosts, basilisks (giant serpents), legendary hippogriffs, trolls or pygmy puffs. It would be so much fun!
And then … spells, spells, spells! If we were Harry Potter, we would not forget to wipe out bad thoughts and hatred and make people love each other. Honestly, we would not mind turning some teachers of ours into animals. One of them could be turned into a frog for sure! 
And last but not least: we would visit all the places we love on our brooms with no airfare charges!
Now close your eyes just for a minute, use your imagination and think what you would do if you were Harry Potter and you had magic powers. 
Grab your broom and get ready for an adventure with us!

by Emma Caimano, Giulia Piselli and Massimiliano Marzorati
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