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17/01/2018 Vai al dettaglio
Yummy British desserts

What do you think of as typical British desserts? Tea and cakes only? Maybe there's more to British desserts than that! Great Britain is full of delicious desserts, especially pies and puddings and I have rounded up my favourite three for you to try out if you plan a trip to Great Britain!

08/01/2018 Vai al dettaglio
3D Hand Drawing - It's easy and fun to do!

Watch our video tutorial and follow easy instructions to make such a cool effect on paper!

21/12/2017 Vai al dettaglio
Room on the Broom – Iggety ziggety zaggety zoom

– A spooky show written and performed by our friends of 1A, B and C (vehicular groups - Middle School).

12/12/2017 Vai al dettaglio
3 Top 10 Facts about Buckingham Palace

The UK is very famous for its castles and historical houses. Many of them are popular tourist attractions. Are you ready for an imaginary walk through the majestic beauty of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s wonderful residence?

06/12/2017 Vai al dettaglio
Italian Christmas traditions

The days are short, the nights are long and it’s cold! Christmas: it’s our favourite time!! Christmas carols fill the air with joy and merriment; houses and shops are full of Christmas decorations.

30/11/2017 Vai al dettaglio
My favourite sport …

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Martina and I would like to share with you my love for tennis. Yes, because tennis is my favourite sport!

15/11/2017 Vai al dettaglio
Interview with Don Andrea

What better way to inaugurate our new blog “Rotondi News” than an interview with Don Andrea, the head of our school. We had an informal meeting with him in his office and asked him some questions about his life, experiences and ideas.

15/11/2017 Vai al dettaglio
Our amazing trip to Rome: the eternal city

What a wonderful trip we had! Four days in Rome with our classmates: Asia, Camilla, Emma, Gaia, Giulia and Micol, along with Don Andrea and our technology teacher Romina Terzi.

15/11/2017 Vai al dettaglio
Hello Everyone!

In the effort to better keep you all in the know, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog “Rotondi News”.

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