3 Top 10 Facts about Buckingham Palace

The UK is very famous for its castles and historical houses. Many of them are popular tourist attractions. Are you ready for an imaginary walk through the majestic beauty of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s wonderful residence?

What is Buckingham Palace?
Buckingham Palace is a building located in the City of Westminster, in London. The Palace itself is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. The Palace has been a focal point for British people at times of national rejoicing and mourning.  

What is the story of Buckingham Palace?
The Palace is 300 years old and the building right in the middle of today’s palace was built in 1703 for John Sheffield, the first Duke of Buckingham and Normandy. In 1761 Buckingham Palace, first known as Buckingham House, was bought by the royal family and it became a private residence for Queen Charlotte. In 1837 it became the London residence of the monarch. 

What’s inside?
How many stairways? 5!!!
How many rooms? 775!!!
How many state rooms? 19!!!
How many bathrooms? 78!!!
How many clocks? 300!!!
How many doors? 1514!!!
How many windows? 760!!!

by Massimiliano Marzorati & Gaia Santomauro
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