What a wonderful trip we had! Four days in Rome with our classmates: Asia, Camilla, Emma, Gaia, Giulia and Micol, along with Don Andrea and our technology teacher Romina Terzi.
We reached Rome by train and spent our trip with other students from the San Carlo College, a school located in Milan.
We were all fascinated by this enchanting city and by its inspiring and unique monuments.
The Papal Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls, commonly known as St. Paul’s outside the Walls, was our first stop. This massive and magnificent Basilica is one of Rome’s most famous papal churches and it houses a tomb that it is said to be that of St. Paul. When we were there, there was a startling mixture of people: some taking pictures of the tomb while others were kneeling in prayer.
We spent the second morning of our stay visiting the Colosseum, Rome’s great gladiator arena, the most thrilling landmark among the city’s ancient sights. Then, we visited the impressive sprawl of ruins of the Roman Forum and the Piazza del Campidoglio, one of Rome’s most beautiful squares. The whole afternoon was dedicated to the creepy Catacombs, the underground burial places under the city of Rome. It was a breathtaking experience in every sense! In fact, some of us suffered from claustrophobia during the tour.
The following day, we woke up very early. We were a bit tired and sleepy. However, we were happy to stand in front of the magnificence of St. Peter’s Basilica and above all to see our Pope Francis during the celebration of Mass. 
Among the priceless treasures of the Eternal City, we also visited the Pantheon, a striking 2000-year-old temple, and the famous must-see Trevi Fountain. 
We had long walks through the picturesque streets and we managed to find time to buy some souvenirs for our families and to indulge ourselves in streetside cafes while watching the pretty piazzas and the cheerful hordes of tourists, having a deserved rest.
Rome is awesome! We love it! Asia and Micol liked St. Peter’s Basilica; Giulia, Emma and Gaia loved our stop at the Colosseum and we all will remember our delicious lunches at the Gianicolo, where we could appreciate the spectacular view of the amazing city of Rome.

by Matilde Piran and Matilde Casa

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